January 10, 1999


Dear OCPA Members,


Greetings for a Happy New Year!


May 1999 bring you great successes in whatever you will do!


Thank you very much for your vote of confidence in electing me as the Chairman for the next term. Our past Chairmen Ngee-Pong Chang, Bing-Lin Young, and Chi-Sing Lam have made OCPA financially strong, with a strong core of life-members, and a distinguished accomplishments in the service to the Chinese physics communities. I hope that I can follow the path which they have laid down so well -- to make OCPA serve the welfare and the interests of the Chinese physics community here and elsewhere.


I would like to thank all our past Officers, Councilors and Coordinators who have done an excellent job in guiding OCPA in past years. As many of these positions are rotating in nature, I hope that we can call upon them to serve OCPA again in various capacities in the future.


I like to take this opportunity to welcome our slate of new Officers, Councilors, and Coordinators who are all outstanding and capable leaders. I am sure that they will help us carry out the affairs of OCPA with great distinction.


The year 1999 starts with the good news from Ting-Kuo Lee that the National Science Council of Taiwan has formally approved the financial support for our OCPA Conference to be held on March 18-20, 1999 as a satellite meeting of the APS Centennial Celebration. We can now hold the three-day meeting as we have been planning. We would like to thank Ting-Kuon Lee and Tu-nan Chang for their great effort which helped make our fund application successful. A new announcement on the details of the meeting will be sent to you soon. Hotel information will come out very shortly. We hope to see you in Atlanta in March.


With your help, we can make OCPA a strong organization serving and bridging all Chinese physics communities!


Cheuk-Yin Wong



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