Greetings and Very Best Wishes to you. Hope all is well with you and that you will continue to support OCPA. As we enter into the seventh year of our organizational history, we have about 160 life members, and many regular members in different parts of the globe.




If you are a regular member, you may consider renewing your membership or upgrading it to life membership. If you are not now a member, please consider joining us. OCPA has matured into a quality organization that is taken seriously by American Physical Society, the Chinese Physical Societies of both shores, Hong Kong Physical Society, other regional associations and institutes, including AAPPS. Their respect for us is a result of the OCPA activities:




I know there are many suggestions for the future growth of ocpa. Because we are a volunteer organization, it is not possible to put some of the valuable ideas into practice. But the important thing is to have a continuing forum to air such suggestions, and to look for spontaneous gelling of ideas with a core group of interested people helping to bring the idea into fruition.


OCPA has recently set up a Physicist at Large (PAL) Division for physicists who are in industry, business, medicine, and other areas. Our purpose is to provide these physicists a forum to discuss problems of their interests -- in the application of their talents to nontraditional areas not usually identified with physics.


OCPA needs to reach out, and I hope that we will soon be able to implement a new email forum on the internet. It would differ from our present email center, which is more a broadcast radio station than a post-office exchange. The new email forum would be a domain (`rest-stop') on the information superhighway where `travelers' may come in and kibitz on an ongoing discussion on.


To some extent our email center performs some of this function, but a radio broadcast is ephemeral, it vanishes in a poof with one delete button. And I know, I have pressed the delete button after (and oops sometimes before) reading each dispatch because my reader cannot cumulate too many messages.


The rest-stop on the internet will be structured, so that you may go to the rest-stop and go to the second floor for the topic or forum of your choice. And when you go to the second floor, you may look at the bulletins that interest you and leave notes for others to see.


This is a dream project of mine, it takes work and help from others to make it into a reality. And, it would also take some dedicated workstation somewhere to host this. So, there are problems that ocpa will have to face up to. But I like challenges, and I hope there are others in our ocpa community who share the same motivation and have the ability, the time, the resources to contribute to this project.


If you have ideas, please write me at


Thank you for reading this Message. With very best wishes and warm regards!


Ngee-Pong Chang

Physics Department

City College of New York

New York, N.Y. 10031

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