January 24, 2001


Dear OCPA Members:


Greetings on the tenth anniversary of OCPA!


First, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Cheuk-Yin Wong for his outstanding leadership during the past two years. Through his dedication and selfless effort, he has led us to work as a group in spite of our diversity. Under Cheuk-Yin's stewardship, with generous supports from members like yourselves, OCPA has earned the respect and recognition of other professional organizations including AAAS and APS. �It is an act almost impossible to follow. We can only pledge to do the best we could with help and continuing support from all of you for the coming two years.


Owing to hard work and strong commitment of many of our members, OCPA has grown stronger, larger, and has held four general conferences in Shantou, Taipei, Atlanta, and Hong Kong since its inception ten years ago. The remarkable rapid rise to professional eminence by winners of the OCPA OYRA and AAA awards also highlights the success of the OCPA programs. The summer school in Accelerator Physics, supported in part by OCPA, demonstrates our strong interest in the education and career of the next generation of Chinese physicists.


It is our hope that OCPA will be viewed as an organization for all of us and we welcome inputs and suggestions from all of you on issues which are of interest to all of us. You will also find valuable information from our web-page at "http://www.ocpa.org". With your support, together, we shall make OCPA an even stronger organization for the years to come.


With our very best wishes to you for a happy Chinese New Year,


Tu-nan Chang

President, OCPA

Univ. of So. Calif.


Keh-Fei Liu

Vice-President, OCPA

Univ. of Kentucky