Job Openings

Faculty positions available at the Institute of Particle Physics, School of Physical Science and Technology, Central China Normal University


We are pleased to announce the availability of several faculty positions in the Institute of Particle Physics (IOPP) at the Central China Normal University (CCNU) in Wuhan, China, in both theoretical and experimental high-energy physics. The positions, available immediately, can be at any level commensurate with candidates' experience. Applications are accepted continuously until filled. Qualified applicants are required to have a Ph. D. in physics or equivalent and a minimum of two years of postdoctoral research experience. We are looking for candidates with outstanding records of independent and original research, demonstrated ability or great potential for international leadership.


The current theoretical efforts include high-energy particle and nuclear physics, with strong focus on strong interaction at high temperature and density, partonic structure of hadrons and nuclei, signals of quark-gluon plasma in heavy-ion collisions. We also plan to develop a new program in lattice QCD and expand our theoretical efforts in nuclear astrophysics, dark matter, cosmology and other areas of particle physics.


The experimental efforts at IOPP focus on the physics of collectivity with partonic degrees of freedom, fluctuation and correlations and heavy flavor production and high pT physics in STAR at RHIC and ALICE at LHC. We also have a Silicon Lab devoted to R & D efforts in current and future silicon detector technology and its applications.


IOPP, established in 1978, is one of the largest institutions in High-energy Nuclear Physics in China. There are close to 30 faculty members and about 40 PhD students. It is home to the Key Laboratory of Quark and Lepton Physics of Ministry of Education (MOE) of China. CCNU provides competitive salary and start-up funding, subsidized housing in the university co-developed community (Huada Garden) and generous compensation for relocation commensurate to the level of appointments and candidates' experience. The university will also sponsor applications for the national 1000-plan (foreign, regular and young), MOE's New Century Talent and Hubei 100-plan program for eligible candidates.


Interested applicants can send their inquiries and applications (including CV, list of publications, research statement and arrangement of at least three recommendation letters sent separately) via email to:


Hard copies can be sent to:

Search Committee ℅ Prof. Xin-Nian Wang,

Director Institute of Particle Physics

Central China Normal University

Wuhan, China 430079