APS Foreign Fellows

During the FIP reception, APS President Professor Michael Turner also presented certificates to the newly elected 2012 APS Foreign Fellows who were nominated by the FIP. The names, affiliations and citations of the new fellows of Chinese heritage are summarized below: (http://www.aps.org/units/fip/fellowship/index.cfm?year=2012)


Lu, Li

Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Science

Citation: For contributions to experimental studies of mesoscopic and nanoscale electronic materials, and for leadership in promoting international scientific collaborations.


Jin, Kui-juan

Affiliation: (not specified)

Citation: For her significant contribution in the crossing area of optics and condensed matter physics, including Fano resonance applying in some semiconductor systems, laser MBE growing and novel property revealing for perovskite oxide heterostructures, and for her important role as a leading card for women in physics.


Li, Derun

Affiliation: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Citation: For his tireless efforts to promote collaboration and cooperation on accelerator science and technology between the US and China and for his work towards the experimental demonstration of muon ionization cooling.


Meng, Jie

Affiliation: Peking University

Citation: For his many important and continuing contributions in developing the Relativistic Mean Field theory into a predictive tool for nuclear structure research and for creating an active international hub at Beijing in this field.


Wang, Mu

Affiliation: Nanjing University

Citation: For his original contributions in understanding nonlinear phenomena in crystallization, exploration of opto-electric properties of self-organized metallic microstructures, and his tireless efforts in promoting international scientific exchange and collaboration.